2011 FAI F3D World Championships Bundaberg

10th – 14th August 2011



If you had been at the Bundaberg Aeromodellers’ field over the above period you would have been able to feel the very positive vibe that was surging through the Australian Camp.  This positive vibe translated into the performances of the Australian team which I believe was the “Best” we have ever achieved.


                                    Photo courtesy Bundaberg Mail               “Australian Team”


In the individual event, Christopher& Kevin Callow won their fourth World Championship, which is an outstanding achievement.  Chris was returning to the scene of his first WC win in 2001 and he seemed to have a steely determination to repeat that 2001 performance, although he was very relaxed, he focussed on the end result which he and Kevin achieved by winning the 2011 F3D World Championship.  In his final heat Chris went all out to chase the world record of 56.33sec but unfortunately came up 0.27 of a second short with a fine 56.60secs, the fastest time of the competition.   


                              bundy pylon finL DAY 065.jpg

“We did it Dad”

Four Times World Champions - Christopher & Kevin Callow


Beau Murphy, in his first World Championships, but with his WC veteran Father, Barry to steady him, was locked in a battle with Chris for the lead for much of the contest.  At the end of round 6 Beau lead by 0.48 of a sec to Chris, it was 0.5sec lead at the end of round 7. However by the end of round 10 Chris was leading by 2.2secs and he never relinquished that lead, eventually winning from Beau by 9.74secs. Beau & Barry’s second place finish is outstanding in Beau’s first trip to the World Champs.    


                              bundy pylon finL DAY 068.jpg

“Beau receives his FAI Medallion”

Presented by President MAAA, Mike Close


                        worlds 229.JPG

                                                                                  Photo courtesy S Mees


In their first World Champs also, Leigh Hocken and his caller, Frank Casella were working very hard to stay in contact with the leaders. Leigh & Frank at one stage were in eight place but fought back to finish in a very credible sixth placing, a great performance for a first timer.

The consistent performance of all three Australian pilots resulted in them winning the F3D World Team Championship by 136.9 points to the Netherlands and 168.22 points from France in third place. This was is outstanding result for Australia and I am lead to believe it is the first time we have won both the individual & team events together.

Well as if that was not good enough, it only got better with Tyler & Warren Mees competing in the Junior competition which was being held for the first time. Unfortunately there were not enough entries to class it as a Junior World Championship however Tyler was not put off by that and went on to win the Highest Placed Junior award.  Now that was a good effort, but what was even better was that Tyler & Warren actually finished in fourth place against all comers in the world.  A fourth placing in their first World Champs event was an achievement that they can be justly proud off & it will give them bragging rights for some time, well done!!!!

The Team manager Mick Dallman had the team well organised and looking fantastic in their Australian Team shirts and Jacket. The many team supporters were also resplendent in the Australian team supporter’s shirts.  Again a great effort from Mick in his first team manager role.

Although I have not been to any other World Championship, there were enough comments from other countries’ team members that confirmed that these were very well run championships, by any standard.  A big Congratulations must go out to the organising committee principles.  These are Bruce De Chastel, Joe Luxford, & Trish Luxford who did the bulk of the organisation.  The volunteer workforce who sacrificed a week of their time to travel to Bundaberg and incur all the expenses of accommodation etc must also receive an enormous congratulations on the fantastic job that they did.  Glenn & Nerida Matthews had the timing system working overtime with 208 heats run with barely an error caused by the timers or cut judges. The few reruns that were required were as a result of plane mid-air collisions.  Jeremy Randle from NSW pylon also did a good job keeping the workers on the job and rotated at the end of every round.  This ensured that the timing and cut judges only had to work every second round and did not become overworked. Jeremy also had the ability to replace workers with spares if the need arose, this was a great situation to be in as far as workers were concerned.  I think that Glenn Matthews & Kevin Callow deserve a special mention for the timing system which worked almost faultlessly.  This is a great achievement for them as you will all know the problems that can beset any timing system.

                    worlds 210.JPG

                                               Photo courtesy S Mees               “Australian Team & Supporters”


To all those who chose to participate in the FAI F3D 2011 World Championships & make them work so well “Congratulations” on an excellent job, you have all done the MAAA & AMPRA Very Proud


Thank You


Chris Watt