AMPRA Inc General Meeting Minutes 2007


Date:                           9/6/07

Meeting Opened:       8:00pm

Members present:     20

Visitors:                      T Axon, B Zadow, F Hocken, S Hassett

Apologies:                  K Callow, T Henderson



Minutes from the previous meeting were read and accepted.

Moved; Ranjit Phelan, Seconded; T O’Connor


Matters arising;

  1. Steve Hassett asked about dropping the QM event at the AMPRA championships to make one full day of racing for each class.

The following points were raised;

AMPRA has always been a minimum of a 2 day event with the Monday available due to bad weather.

In 2006 there were not enough entries in Q500 to make it viable. Running QM in conjunction with Q500 made the Q500 worth running.

In team selection years, there would often be too many entries to run Q500 in with FA1 and F400.


  1. Bruce DeChastel queried the F400 fuselage height rule raised at the last meeting.

Glenn advised that the technical subcommittee had been asked to follow this up with the State representatives. Although there was not much feedback the general consensus was to make this rules change. This would be presented at the next MAAA rules conference.


Motion:           Until such time as the Rules can be changed at an MAAA rules conference, future AMPRA championships will be run to the USA QM40 fuselage dimensions.

Moved; Terry O’Connor, Seconded; Jason Sagaidak  (20 for, 0 against - Passed)


General Business:

1.      Motion:           As of 1st Jan 2008, all FA1 Australian team selection events are to be run using the new FAI venturi dimension rules.

Moved; Terry O’Connor, Seconded; Nerida Matthews  (13 for, 0 against - Passed)


  1. The technical subcommittee is requested to follow up on the above rule.


  1. Next team selection dates.
    It is assumed the 2009 world champs in Germany will be held in August. Therefore the team selection events here will need to be run between Feb 2008 and Feb 2009.The dates for the Nationals are unclear and an additional team trial event may need to be run.


  1. AMPRA Championships 2008.
    The method of selecting the next AMPRA event was discussed; the general consensus was to continue the current method of voting on this at the AMPRA meeting the year prior.
    We have received requests from the Cohuna club as well as from Kevin Callow to run the event at Maryborough in Qld.
    A vote was taken for the location of the next AMPRA event.
          Cohuna                  4
          Maryborough         16
    Therefore the AMPRA champs in 2008 will be at Maryborough in Qld.
    Letters are to be sent to the Cohuna club and Kevin Callow.


  1. Team trial for 2009 World Champs.
    Grafton was suggested as a possible location for a team trial event.
    Motion:           That AMPRA approach the Grafton club to see if they are interested in conducting a team trial event in 2008.
    Moved; R Phelan, Seconded; B DeChastel
    Amendment:               The Cohuna club to be approached as well.
    Moved; G. Davidson, Seconded; B. Steele    (carried)


  1. The meeting wished all of our team members well in the forthcoming world champs.


Meeting closed at 9:30pm.


AMPRA Inc Annual General Meeting Minutes 2007


Held at the Cootamundra Returned Serviceman’s Club, Cootamundra.


Date:                     9/6/2007

Meeting opened:  7:45pm


Minutes: Minutes from the previous meeting were read and accepted

 (Moved D. Axon, Seconded N. Matthews)


Treasures Report: The financial report was presented to the meeting and accepted

(Moved J. Orenshaw, Seconded T. O’Connor)


Bruce DeChastel thanked the committee for their work over the previous year.


General business:

  1. Gary Davidson asked whether there were enough funds to cover the costs of running the web site. He was advised that there was.
  2. David Axon asked about the success of the web site. Glenn replied that it was successful with many hits however we are always looking for articles and information from all states. Brian advised that we were having a lot of trouble with spam on the discussion forum and that we would probably have to update the program being used.



All positions were declared vacant.


Nominations for President;

Ranjit Phelan nominated Glenn Matthews, Seconded Bruce DeChastel

Glenn accepted the nomination.

As there were no other nominations Glenn was declared elected


Nominations for Secretary/Treasurer;

Ranjit Phelan nominated Kim O’Connor, Seconded Brain Steele.

Kim accepted the nomination.

As there were no other nominations Kim was declared elected


Meeting closed 8.00pm