Date: 11/6/05

Meeting Opened: 8:35pm

Members Present: 19

Visitors: Toni Axon

Apologies: B. Steele, T. Henderson.


Minutes: Minutes from the previous meeting were read and accepted.

(Moved. R. Phelan Seconded. N. Matthews)

Matters Arising:

1.       Motion: Half A not to be run at the AMPRA Champs due to the lack of entries in 2005.   (Moved. N. Matthews Seconded. R. Gray)  8 For, 3 Against. Motion carried.

2.   David Axon asked about the change to the scoring system that was spoken about at the last meeting. He asked if anything was agreed on. He was told that no action had been taken by the technical sub-committee. David is to discuss this while at the 2005 World Champs.


Treasures Report: The financial report is to be read in the Annual General Meeting.


General Business:

  1. Glenn spoke about next years AMPRA Champs. AMPRA has received a letter from the Cohuna club applying to hold this event on the Queens Birthday weekend in 2006. As no other club applied the 2006 AMPRA Champs will be held at Cohuna.


  1. David Axon spoke about organizing an AMPRA website. David advised Tom Wetherill and Brian Steele were willing to put the site together.

He proposed to set up a website that is owned by AMPRA. The following points of discussion were held;

·         Robin Gray asked who would maintain the site.

·         Nerida suggests that we could increase AMPRA fees to cover the cost.

·         Gary suggested that this was important to further promote our hobby.


Motion. AMPRA set up a website with an annual budget not exceeding $150.00 per year. (Moved. T. O’Connor, Seconded G. Davidson. Vote for, Unanimous – Motion carried)


Motion.  AMPRA membership increase from $10 to $15 from the start of the next financial year.

(Moved. T O’Connor, Seconded L. Hocken. 12 For, 0 Against - Motion Carried)


  1. David Axon spoke about the MAAA rules conference.

The F400 rules are now ratified.

Rule (Re-wording of race starters responsibility) & Rule (1 minute  start wording change) were accepted.


  1. Tom asked if we could run Q500 at next years AMPRA.

Motion. That we fly Q500 in conjunction with QM at the next AMPRA Champs in 2006. Normal AMPRA entry fees will apply.

Moved N. Matthews, Seconded. R. Phelan. 14 For, 0 Against - Motion carried.


  1. Ranjit would like to take this opportunity to thank the committee for all their hard work over the past year.


  1. David spoke about the Nationals in 2007 and said they may be a  team selection event. At this time no one has put in an application to hold them.


  1. Motion. That AMPRA purchase some new chairs for the timing cage and donate them to VMPRA Inc.

Moved J. Orenshaw, Seconded  B. Murphy. Motion carried.


No State reports were taken due to a lack of members from states other than Victoria.


Meeting Closed: 9:30pm






Date: 11/6/05

Meeting Opened: 9:31pm


Minutes:  Minutes from the previous meeting were read and accepted.

(Moved. T O’Connor, Seconded. D. Axon)


Treasures Report: Financial report was presented to the meeting and accepted.

(Moved. D. Axon, Seconded. T O’Connor)


General Business:


The Department of Justice has rejected our Annual Statement from last year, saying that our AGM must be held within 5 months of the end of our financial year. This is currently 30th June in line the normal “Model Rules” adopted by AMPRA. As we cannot change the meeting date we must change the end of financial year. As advised in the last AMPRA newsletter, a special resolution to change the model rules for AMPRA is being presented to the meeting. This is; 

 “That the end of the financial year for AMPRA shall be the 31st May.”

A vote was taken, 15 For, 0 Against - carried.



All positions were declared vacant.


President: Ranjit Phelan nominated Glenn Matthews. Seconded R. Donahue. No other nominations. Glenn was declared elected.


Secretary/Treasurer:  Ranjit Phelan nominated Kim O’Connor. Seconded  D. Axon. No other nominations. Kim was declared elected.



The next AMPRA meeting will tentatively be held at the Cohuna Motor Inn in the B.B.Q area on Saturday 10th June 2006.


Meeting Closed: 9:55pm