AMPRA Inc General Meeting Minutes 2006


Date:   10/6/06

Meeting Opened:       8.29pm

Members present:     22

Visitors:          T. Taylor, R. Morris, B. Taylor, T Axon

Apologies:      T. Henderson, C. Callow, E. Rich, L. Hocken


Minutes: Minutes from the previous meeting were read and accepted.

Moved; T. O’Connor, Seconded D. Axon


Matters arising; Discussion about how well the website is going.


General Business:

1.      Terry spoke about F400 height requirements and asked to change to current USA height rules to increase availability of legal kits. Andrew asked for someone to explain the USA height rule. Bruce explained the USA rule to the meeting.

Motion:  To amend the height rule for F400 to match AMA QM40 height and cross section requirements.

Moved; Terry O’Connor, Seconded; Joe Luxford

(19 for 0 against)


  1. Mick congratulated Glenn on the new scoring system and how well it was working.


  1. David spoke about the next World champs in the USA and asked that anyone interested in going as supporters to the team let him know so that he can send them updates to what is happening.


  1. Ranjit spoke about the world champs and the great effort put in by Toni & David Axon in organizing food and accommodation. He also spoke about how hard it can be to organize overseas travel for a team with all the excess baggage etc.
    David said he is trying to get support from airlines for traveling as a team and organizing excess baggage but is finding very hard.


  1. Joe Luxford asked about the keyboard being used and how some frequencies were missing. This will be discussed with VMPRA who own the keyboard.


  1. We have no nominations for the AMPRA champs for next year.
    Glenn spoke about how he would like to share the event around Australia.
    Kevin spoke about what has been going on in QLD and that they would like to host the event in QLD in the future.
    The Cohuna club was asked if they could hold the AMPRA champs again next year and they said they could.
     It was discussed that a lack of helpers can be a problem in some states and the possibility of using 10.5 lap system for non team trial events.


Motion: That for the non team selection AMPRA champs year that the 10.5 lap system be acceptable if required.

Moved; Bruce DeChastel, Seconded; Mike Kellett

(20 for 0 against)


  1. Q500 is to be run as a trial for 2006 and currently has 5 entries. To bring in newcomers and interest AMPRA will run Q500 with the QM class for 2007


  1. Mick asked when the new international F3D rules will apply.
    He was advised that these rules do not have to affect FA1 but will affect F3D international events from 31st January 2007.
    This team selection cycle will be completed using the current FA1 rules.


State Reports


QLD: S1D class and F400 are very popular with 10-12 entries, FA1 is getting 8-10 entries and Q500 is to be combined with S1D class.


NSW: Sports guys come and go depending on where the racing is. F400 is doing well and FA1 is slowly building up.


VIC: Q500 still getting going, it is being run in conjunction with QM.


WA: S1D racers are popular and starting to combine with Q500.


TAS: No pylon activity, (except Bernard)


Meeting closed at 9.55pm.




AMPRA Inc Annual General Meeting Minutes


Held at the Leitchville hotel, Leitchville.


Date:                     10/6/06

Meeting opened:  8.18pm


Minutes: Minutes from the previous meeting were read and accepted

 (Moved R Phelan, Seconded T. O’Connor)


Treasures Report: The financial report was presented to the meeting and accepted

(Moved T O’Connor, Seconded N Matthews)


Robert Taylor of the Cohuna club took this opportunity to thank us for holding AMPRA at Cohuna. This marked the 30th Anniversary of the first AMPRA champs at Cohuna.


General business: No general business to report



All positions were declared vacant.


Nominations for President;

David Axon nominated Glenn Matthews, Seconded G Davidson

Glenn accepted the nomination.

Ranjit nominated Karl Harrod, Karl declined.

Glenn was declared elected


Nominations for Secretary/Treasurer;

David Axon nominated Kim O’Connor, Seconded R Phelan.

Kim accepted, Kim was declared elected.


Meeting closed 8.28pm