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Quickie 500 - Sport - Entry Level Pylon Class


There is currently a high level of interest in pylon racing with the adoption of a localised version of the Quickie 500 sportsman event.

This an “entry level” class that has proven to be very popular in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Germany.

There are many groups who are introducing this class is to bring the fun of pylon racing back, with everyone flying equivalent equipment without breaking the budget.
There are a number of choices for airframes and the entries typically include commercially available ARF’s such as the Sonic 500 and Viper kits, as well as some scratch-built aircraft.

They must be powered by standard sport type engines with capacities up to 0.46 cubic inches. One of the most popular engines is the Thunder Tiger Pro 46.

The engines run on standard FAI fuel that is supplied by the event organisers.
As the class is directed at newcomers, engine modifications, tuned pipes and/or tuned mufflers are not allowed.

Everyone must also use commercially available 10 x 6 sport props. This makes the planes very user friendly and a good starting point for newcomers to pylon racing.

The planes are not just for racing and they also great for high performance sport flying at the local club field – without the expense of some of the more complex models.
The event consists of a number of 10 lap races around a three pylon course that is set in accordance with either the requirements for the Quarter Midget Class (short course) or international F3D requirements (long course).

The event can be run at many club fields and noise is not a problem as these are stock sport engines.
Each heat can include up to four planes. During each day up to 9 rounds can be flown – depending on the size of the entry list and the availability of course workers.

Points are awarded based on elapsed time, with the entrant with the lowest score being declared the winner.  

There are a number of races scheduled around Australia, see the state racing calendars to find what's on in your area. The pylon guys will be there to lend their support and expertise to help newcomers enjoy their pylon racing experience.


Why don’t you come along and give Q500 a go.




For Info on the Viper Q500 Model Click Here