AMPRA Inc General Meeting Minutes 2009


Location:                   Grafton, NSW

Date:                          6 June 2009

Meeting Opened:      8:45

Members present:    31

Visitors:  Mike Hennessey, Igor Buchler, Raul Buchler, Terry Zadow     


Apologies:    Trevor Henderson, Terry O’Connor, Kim O’Connor 


Minutes:         Minutes from the previous meeting were read and accepted.

Moved:   R Phelan        Seconded: N Davey (approved)


Matters arising;         None


Financial report:         Deferred to AGM


General Business:


·        MAAA Conference

Proposed changes to the FA1 engine venturi size and to the F400 fuselage size were passed at the recent MAAA rules conference. These rules will need to be updated on the AMPRA website.


·        F3D Rules Changes
The current international F3D rules changes were discussed, specifically the requirements for a weight increase to 2250g and for an additional silencer from 1/1/2010

Points of discussion:

-         Australian team will be disadvantaged if we do not adopt the international rules

-         these rules will impact on all flyers

-         we need to do further research into the impact of these rules.


Motion: That AMPRA team selection events implement weight and muffler rules as per the FAI rules from1 Jan 2010.
Moved Kevin Callow, Seconded Bruce DeChastel (For 19, Against 6 – motion carried)


·        Team trials.

Team trials for the 2011 world champs are planned to be run between Feb 2010 and Feb 2011. The team trial events are expected to be;

            State Champs held within this period.

            The AMPRA champs in June 2010

The Nationals that are expected to be in Dalby, Queensland at Christmas 2010/11


·        AMPRA Champs 2010

There are 3 applications to host the 2010 AMPRA event, the Cohuna club, the Grafton club and another from the Maryborough club.


Bruce DeChastel spoke on behalf of the Maryborough club, Mick Hennessy spoke on behalf of the Grafton club and Nerida Matthews spoke on behalf of the Cohuna club.

After some general discussion a vote was taken;


Maryborough - 14

Grafton - 3

Cohuna - 15


The next AMPRA championships will be held at Cohuna.



·        Glenn is to formulate a proposal to present at the 2010 APMRA meeting  regarding rotation of the AMPRA Champs between the states.

·        Gary Davidson suggested that we need to be more aware of the possible requirement to coach helpers on when to allocate cuts and also clarification of our rules.

·        2009 World Champs in Germany – David Axon is to attend a rules discussion group at this event. He advised that Rob Metkemeijer is the new chair of the International pylon sub-committee. David asked for feedback on the following potential F3D rules changes;

o       Introduction of finals to world championships, do we want finals? The majority of members advised no we do not.

o       Introduction of an F400 type of event to become an international FAI event, as an extra world champs competition. The majority of members advised we do not want this.

o       Limiting the speed of pylon racing aircraft – The response was "that is crap"! and all agreed.

o       Noise is still an issue for pylon at the international level.


·        The AMPRA members wished  the Australian team all the best for World Champs in Germany.


Meeting closed 9.50 PM


AMPRA Inc Annual General Meeting Minutes 2009


Date:                          6 June 2009

Location:                   Grafton, NSW                

Meeting opened:       9:50 PM

Members Present:    31


Visitors:          Mike Hennessey , Igor Buchler, Raul Buchler, Terry Zadow     


Apologies:      Trevor Henderson, Terry O’Connor, Kim O’Connor 



Minutes: Minutes from the previous meeting were read and accepted.

            Moved;            Ranjit Phelan

Seconded;        David Axon      (Approved)



Treasures Report: The financial report was presented to the meeting and accepted.

Moved;            Chris Watt

Seconded;        Vern Gibson     (Approved)


General business:


The members thanked Glenn and Kim for their work on the committee in the last year.

No other general business.


Election of Office Bearers:


All positions were declared vacant.

 Nominations for president; Glenn Matthews

Moved; Vern Gibson

Seconded; Kevin Callow

Glenn accepted.

There were no other nominations, Glenn was declared President.


Nominations for Secretary/Treasurer;  Kim O'Connor

Moved: Kevin Callow

Seconded;  Chris Watt

Kim had advised in writing that she would accept this position.

There were no other nominations, Kim was declared Secretary/Treasurer.


Meeting closed: 10.00


The next AGM will be at Cohuna in June 2010.