AMPRA Inc General Meeting Minutes 2010


Mitues of AMPRA General Meeting 2010   Cohuna

Date: 12/06/2010

Meeting opened: 8:23pm

Members Present:  35

Visitors:  Barry Townsend, Greg Hede

Apologies:  Trevor Henderson, Bronte Zadow


Previous Minutes: Minutes from 2009 meeting were read and accepted

      Moved: G Matthews                                     Seconded: Keith Harvey


General Business:

David Axon spoke of rule changes and possible up coming rules changes for World Championships.

Two nominations for the next AMPRA champs 2011 being Grafton and Marybourgh

Both applications were discussed with AMPRA being held at Grafton last year and QLD are hosting the 2010/2011 Nationals and the World champs later in the year.

A rotational system was discussed but this was deemed unworkable if a state was unable to hold the competition also if other states wanted to hold the event.


Terry proposed to adopt an informal rotational system with no fixed locations this was seconded by B Dechastel.

Motion carried


Joe Luxford spoke about the progress of the 2011 World Champs .

They have a web site up and running and soon will start to add regular updates , sponsor’s are being sort and are coming on board.

They are still looking for commitment of helpers and officials


Glen spoke of the new timing system he is developing for the World champs and its improvements with cut light for all pylons to be incorporated.


Karl spoke of the issue’s with cut judging during the days racing and it was deemed that nothing could have provide much help to the helpers even the use of wing color strips would have been very hard to see with the sun directly behind the planes as they crossed the start finish line.


Brian asked for clarification of the muffled pipe rules as to where pipes can be tested and is there and off the shelf muffler available or do they are require certification.


Glen spoke of whether we need to implement any of these changes like mufflers  for our FA1 rules except for World champs F3D racing.

Barry proposed to not include muffler rules for any FA1 racing be it AMPRA champs Team trials or what ever


Terry proposed to rescind the vote from the 2009 meeting to included mufflers for team trials.          Seconded Barry Murphy



Engine rules for F400 were discussed Andrew Davies proposed to change the engine size from .47 to .40.      Seconded Rick Townsend



 Much discussion took place about how poor the current rules were at controlling  the class and how the current rules needed updating.

Andrew said he was in the process of formulating new rules for F400 and once complete these will be forwarded to the Tech sub committee for further consultation before being sent to the next rules conference.


Barry Murphy nominated Kim O’Connor for life membership of AMPRA after 10 years as secretary.   Seconded David Axon



Terry O’Connor nominated Nerida Matthews for life membership of AMPRA for her many years of tireless work as CD .   Seconded David Axon



Next AMPRA meeting to be held in Grafton 2011 at a venue to be confirmed


Meeting closed 9:33pm.



C.J. Watt





K. O’Connor





AMPRA Inc Annual General Meeting Minutes 2010


Minutes of AMPRA Annual General Meeting 2010

Date: 12/06/2010

Meeting opened: 8:08pm

Members Present:  35

Visitors:  Barry Townsend, Greg Hede

Apologies:  Trevor Henderson, Bronte Zadow


Previous Minutes: Minutes from 2009 meeting were read and accepted

                                Moved: Chris Watt                                  Seconded: D Axon


Treasurers Report:  The financial report was presented to the meeting and accepted.

                                   Moved: T O’Connor                             Seconded : B Dechastel


General Business: Ranjit thanked Glen for his services and hard work for pylon as president.

No other general business


Election of office bearers:

All positions declared vacant :

Glenn Mathews stood down as president

Nominations for president:

Terry nominated David Axon         Seconded J Sagaidak

Bruce nominated Chris Watt           Seconded C Callow


Vote was taken

David Axon 9

Chris Watt 16


Chris Watt was declared president , Chris thanked everyone for there votes.


Nominations for secretary/treasurer

Nerida nominated Kim              Seconded Bruce Dechastel

No other nominations

Kim was declared secretary/treasurer


Next AGM to be June 2011

Meeting closed 8:23pm.




C.J. Watt