AMPRA Inc General Meeting Minutes 2012


Minutes for the AMPRA Inc General Meeting 2012

Held at Marybourough Cricket Club Marybourough.

Date: 9/06/2012

Meeting opened: 8:30pm

Members Present: 17

Visitors: Karen Callow, Warren Hathaway

Apologies: L Hocken, Chris Callow, Glen & Nerida Matthews, Vern Gibson, Tom Weatherill, Ranjit Phelan


Previous minutes: Minutes from 2011 GM were read and accepted

Moved: Bruce Dechastel                  Seconded: Warren Mees


Secretary’s report/correspondence: accepted

Moved: David Axon          Seconded: Barry Murphy


General Business:

David spoke about rule changes from the 2011 minutes and how AMPRA does not have the ability to change national rules and any rule changes voted on at AMPRA meetings must then be presented to the Technical sub committee as recommendations.


Q500 rules are currently not part of the MAAA rules book

Chris moved that the Q500 rules be included into MAAA rules book at next rules conference

Seconded: Toni Axon

Motion Carried


New class F3R David spoke of how the current rules that had been presented were very nonspecific about fuels venture size etc.

More discussion followed with Terry and Bruce to clean up the current wording of F3R rules to suit Australia and rename it F3RA for presentation to tech subcommittee with a view to it going to 2013 rules conference.

This also created discussion about which classes we fly at AMPRA champs and how depending on which state they are held a different class may be added or removed to suit the classes raced in that state.


Muffled pipes:

The current rules do not require the use of muffled pipes for any Australian completion.

It was proposed that anyone who wishes to try for the World champs team at team trials must use the muffled pipes

Moved: David Axon            Seconded: Warren Mees



Proposed that minimum weight for FA1 be raised to 2250 grams so it is an Evan playing field with muffled and non muffled pipes

Moved: Chris Watt                    Seconded: Kevin Callow


Chris Watt spoke about holding the AMPRA champs in the non team trial years and how except for locals from the state they are held in, attendance is generally low creating biased with voting at the general meetings. Further discussion talked about the possibility of have the AMPRA meetings every second/team trial year only. The possibility of this will be looked into with possible changes to incorporation and constitutional issue’s to be investigated.


AMPRA  2013

Nomination for the AMPRA race to be held at Barry Murphy’s field at Munro Victoria Barry accepted the nomination

Moved: Gary Davidson               Seconded: Bruce Dechastel



Terry spoke of how difficult it can be to organize the 3 team trial system we use with the Nats constantly moving and negotiating with states to keep everyone happy.

Terry proposed that team selection should be AMPRA champs, Home state champs, and a special team trial with a fixed date for each team trial cycle

Moved: Kevin Callow                          Seconded: Toni Axon



At the AMPRA champs the winner of FA1 has been presented with the John Hughan perpetual trophy for many years now.

With the Passing of John earlier this year it was proposed that this trophy be presented to John’s family in memory of his great love of pylon racing. It was decided that the committee are to get the trophy incased in a glass case for the family

Moved: Chirs Watt                 Seconded: Kevin Callow



No further business

Meeting closed 9:50pm