Race Report

Nationals, Albury Victoria

29th - 30th December 2006

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Day 1 - Friday

Quickie 500

A very competitive and close days racing was enjoyed by all. David Shackelford and Jason Sagaidak were so close that they mid-aired in round 5, with David’s plane coming off second best.

Well done to Ian Grady who flew in his first pylon competition. Ian showed steady improvement over the day cutting 7 seconds off his times. We hope that he enjoyed the experience and that we will see him at many more competitions.

 We also enjoyed the company of Joe Luxford who traveled all the way from Western Australian to attend the Albury Nats. Joe had a mixed day with a number of cuts.

 The fastest times of the day were Vern Gibson with 90.22 and David Shackelford with 90.41 and Eddie Rich with 90.99. It was a pity that David was unable to continue after a mid-air and Vern was out of contention as a result of a DNF and too many cuts.

 The places for Q500 are:

First – Danny Martin with a score of 554.7
Second – Jason Sagaidak scoring 576.4
Third – Eddie Rich scoring 596.6

Quarter Midget

A number of spectacular crashes where the highlight of today’s QM pylon, with Gary Davidson, Glenn Matthews and Terry O’Connor all destroying models. Barry Murphy and Bernard McKay had a spectacular mid-air, it took Bernard quite a lot of skill to position his plane on top of Barry’s when they are both doing approximately 250km/hr.

Fastest time of the day on the 10 and a half lap course was a very quick Terry O’Connor with 66.96 seconds. Terry’s consistently fast times all day were rewarded with first place.

The places for QM pylon are:

First – Terry O’Connor with a score of 415.1
Second – Keith Harvey scoring 456.3
Third – Gary Davidson scoring 574.3

 Day 2 - Saturday

Today was a difficult day with our electronic equipment causing difficulty after the second round, this meant resorting to a manual timing system. Despite this difficulty and the large number of entries we managed to get 5 rounds of racing in.

Formula 400

We had some very close and competitive racing in this class.  Peter Hassett from Sydney had the two fastest times of the day with the quickest being 73.7 seconds.

 The places for F400 are:

First – Peter Hassett with a score of 301.9
Second –  Mike Kellet scoring 306.4
Third – Jason Sagaidak scored 320.8 – this was Jason’s first F400 competition. Well done on an excellent result.


FA1 pylon was the final of three selection events for the 2007 world championships so the pressure was on several competitors.
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Once again pylon racing provided some spectacular mid-airs. In the first round Glenn Matthews and Lee Hocken mid-aired around number one pylon on the first lap, with both planes a total right-off. Glenn did not have a back-up so was out for the rest of the day. Round two saw Ranjit Phelan and Keith Harvey mid-air as they came around pylon 2 with devastating results. This put Keith out of the competition. Later in the day Vern Gibson and Frank Casella mid-aired, again both planes were totally destroyed.

Fastest time was Barry Murphy with a very quick 57.97seconds. This time would be very competitive at any international event.

The placing were

First – Barry Murphy with the total score of 242.7
Second – Ranjit Phelan scoring 251.4
Third – Lee Hocken scoring 252.5

Thank you to our very reliable helpers; the Albury Air Cadets, Toni Axon, David Axon, Kim O’Connor, Fiona Hocken and Gary Davidson. Also a very special thank you for Glenn Matthews who put in a sensational effort building and repairing equipment.

Nerida Matthews
Pylon CD