Team Trial, Cohuna April 08
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Most of the competitors made the most of the public holiday and warm sunny conditions on Friday  for practice in the afternoon. The drought was really showing in this part of the country and the field was very dry and dusty. There were lots of fast planes here and things were looking good for a great competition to follow.


After weeks of fine and sunny weather it was very cool with the wind increasing through the day. This did not help with the racing and the dust made the conditions less than ideal.
Round 1 saw Chris Callow with a 200 on the board and Barry Murphy with a 58.8 which he was probably very happy with! Ranjit was suffering from severe back pain and found it very hard to concentrate but he persevered and posted some reasonable scores.
No-one was able to better Barry's time as the wind increased through the day and good times became more difficult. Terry O'Connor and Chris Callow did manage to just get under the 60 second mark. After 5 rounds on Saturday Lee Hocken was leading just ahead of Chris Callow and Frank Cassella. Only 2 seconds separated the top 4 places.

On Saturday night most of us congregated at the Cohuna Motel for a spit roast and much discussion of the days events. Seems we are competing with a bunch of wimps as nearly everyone was either tucked up in bed or polishing their models or ???? by 9:00PM.


Although the weather forecast was was for rain / wind / snow?  it was calm, dry and cool. Overnight rain had settled the dust and conditions were much better than the previous day.
Matt Hauzer from Queensland commented on how cold it was - we suggested he should come back to Cohuna in June for a real taste of cold weather! (- read Frost, Ice etc.)
Barry Murphy and Glenn Matthews both started off with times of 59 seconds. Lee was not quite able to keep up his previous days times and slipped a little down the results table. Ranjit battled on despite only just being able to get to the start line due to his "stuffed" back. There were some very good times posted over the next rounds and the racing was great to watch.
Brendon Annett in round 8 managed a 58.3 but was out of contention due to 3 200's. His caller Bruce DeChastel came all the way down from Queensland but had lots of problems and only managed 1 score - better luck next time Bruce...
Jim Orenshaw who is new to FAI racing flew consistently and achieved a best time of 64.8 while in a very competitive heat.
Brian Steele flying a rather ragged old faithful which had not seen daylight for months came out and consistently scored in the low 60's to come in 4th.
In rounds 7,8 and 9 Chris C turned up the wick and posted times under 59 seconds to put him at the top of the scores just ahead of Frank Cassella and Barry Murphy. Only 2 models departed this earth for the weekend after some great racing.
So the scene is set for the following team selection events!!

A BIG thankyou to the Cohuna club who have again put in a fantastic effort in supporting pylon racing in this country. They have hosted racing competitions for more than 30 years and are still able to put on a great weekend.