Q500 WA State Champs May 2007

F400 Pilots

Q500 Pilots

On the start line

Vince Belshaw's models

The Miniature Pylon Racing Association of WA hosted its first Quickie 500 annual championship at KAMS on Sunday May 6th.  The weather was just about perfect with clear skies, 22 degrees and 5 - 10 knots straight down the course from the SW.

The seven entries enjoyed a great day’s racing, courtesy of the KAMS club.

After nine rounds of racing, only half a cut separated Smokin Joe Luxford and Vince “The V Man” Belshaw.  Vince had about a 10 point buffer with 3 rounds to go.  His astute caller advised him to fly conservatively and not cut as Smokin was sure to live up to his reputation of lots of cuts.  As it turned out, Joe picked up about 15 seconds over the last three rounds and the rerun and pipped Vince by 5 points.  It was the best racing we have had for ages with the Quickies.

The day commenced with 5 Vipers, one Taipan and a Dago Red.  Only 2 of the Vipers saw the day out.  The first three rounds before lunch were uneventfull with high times as the pilots got the feel of the course.  In the first heat after lunch, Keith the Chopper Willett’s Viper suffered a bad case of snake bite when Smokin’s Taipan ran right through it coming out of No. 3 pylon, then ran over the remains on the ground just to make sure it was dead.

This little bit of mayhem was nothing compared to the following round that commenced with Mark Giggins unsuccessfully trying to fly through No. 2 pylon and ended with Troy “Zeek” Latto desperately trying to keep his Viper upright after the firewall fell off the front of the model.  Luckily, with the engine still hanging on the end of the throttle pushrod, the plane was still in some sort of  balance and Zeek was able to bring home the bacon in an extraordinary display of airmanship.

Other highlights of the day included:

1.       Matt finally seeing the light and getting a Viper, unfortunately the identical red colour to Troy’s and just about impossible to tell apart until Troy put a big black patch on his wing.

2.       Stuart Rowland enjoying an excellent first comp with a best time of 116 seconds.

3.       Joe Luxford only cutting once for the whole comp, instead of the normal cut every round.

4.       Joe Luxford, when calling for Troy, wondering why Troy was getting cuts on No. 1 until he realised he was following the wrong red Viper.

We also flew Formula 400 in conjunction with Q500.  Matt Pickin had his new GR7 from Big Bruce Racing Products going gangbusters.  Joe Luxford and Vince  Belshaw had engine problems and didn’t get much air time as a result

As always, we were very grateful to our helpers, Glenn Baldwin, Dave Latto, Ron and Margaret Hay, Duane Nichols, Stuart Sherlock, Steve Triplett and Dave Soarer.  We would not have had such a great  contest without their help.  We also appreciate Malcolm Rettallac manning the canteen for us on the day.

After really struggling to find enough helpers over the last few years, we have been very fortunate to have the help of the Wanneroo crew who are getting into pylon in a serious way.

One final thanks must go to the KAMS club.  Without their support and generosity in giving us the field for the full day, the championship would not have been possible.

Report by Joe Luxford