WA report January 2007

The Miniature Pylon Racing Association of WA hosted its first race meeting of the year at KAMS on January 6th.  Placings for the day were:

F400                              Total          Best time
1.       Matt Pickin           469             77 seconds
2.       Troy Latto            528             76 seconds
3.       Vince Belshaw      1000           DNS
4.       Joe Luxford 1000                    DNS


1.       Mark Giggins        637              99 seconds
2.       Joe Luxford          666             105 seconds
3.       Keith Willett         790             103 seconds
4.       Vince Belshaw      936             105 seconds

This was the first ever local F400 contest in Perth.  We will be running it in conjunction with Quickie 500 in future at KAMS.  Matt Pickin has had several F400 models for four years waiting for others to race against.  His prayers have finally been answered with Troy Latto, Joe Luxford, Vince Belshaw and Norm Kirton now running F400 models.

The F400 class is based on semi scale models of actual Reno racers and run with either Nelson or Jett 40 motors.  The models are capable of speeds around 280kph.  Competitive times in the eastern states are around the mid 70 seconds for 10 laps.  Troy and Matt’s best times were 76 and 77 seconds which is excellent for our first ever race.

Mark Giggins continues to set the bench mark for everyone else in Quickie 500 with an average time of 106 seconds.  What is encouraging is that the other pilots are equalling Mark’s times on occasion but not consistently.

We had lots of helpers which also made a big difference to the racing as we were able to put four planes up in the one heat.  A big thanks to Dave Latto, Lloyd Wicks, Phil Thomas, Ray Bradley, Ron and Margaret Hay and Stuart Sherlock.

We are looking forward to a good year’s racing with Margaret Hay and Duane Nichols from Wanneroo now racing S1Ds and Brendon Greaves and Ian Johnson putting Vipers together to join the Q500 comp.  In order to encourage pilots to try F400, we will consider allowing Vipers to run with Nelsons.

Report by Joe Luxford