The Miniature Pylon Racing Association of WA hosted its first Q500 contest at KAMS since the State titles in May on October 7th.  The weather was excellent and the results were as follows:

Score Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3 Heat 4 Heat 5
  Time Cuts Pts Time Cuts Pts Time Cuts Pts Time Cuts Pts Time Cuts Pts
Mark Giggins 442.0 105.62   106 107   107 103.82 1 114 104.61 1 115     0
Keith Willett 447.5 123.73   124 109   109 113.79   114 106.42   106 107.62 1 118
Joe Luxford 452.9 107.8 1 119 108   108 118.3 1 130 108.88   109 106.62 1 117
Troy Latto 553.9 112   112 110   110 110 2 132     200     0
Warren Kullack 640.0 122   122 118   118     200     200     0
Vince Belshaw 620.0 110   110 DNS   200 110   110 DNS   200     0
Matt Pickin 706.0 115 3 200 106   106     200     200     0
Ross Duncan 739.0 208   200 141   141 198   198     200     0

 Highlights for the day included:

1.       Keith Willettís first sub 110 second time, not once but in three heats to place ahead of both Joe Luxford and Troy Latto for the first time.

2.       Ross Duncan completed his first pylon competition in high spirits with an intact Viper.

3.       Warren Kullack flew in his first pylon comp with brother Timís Cheetah and settled straight into the groove until radio trouble shut him down.

3.       The Viper is as quick as any of the sport pylon models, including Tim Kullackís YS45 powered Cheetah and Matt Pickinís OX32SX powered Mustang.

The last point is very important here.  In the past, the model speeds varied a lot in sport pylon.  Now anyone can get a $200 Viper ARF, bolt on a bog standard OSAX46 or TT46PRO and be competitive once their flying skills are up to speed, as Keith Willett demonstrated at this comp.

Our Viper jocks have some work to make their models look distinctly different, especially on the bottom.  The timekeepers struggled to tell the Vipers apart when they were all presenting plain white bottoms to the judges as they went past No. 1 pylon.

The other challenge we have is to get everyone to the comps by 11am so that we can get our comps away on time at 1pm.  We need at least two hours to set up, test fly models, have lunch, set the course out and hold the pilotís briefing.  We got caught with not only starting late but also having all the usual glitches to fix when using the gear for the first time at KAMS in five months.

The November and December competitions will be held at Wanneroo.  KAMS will be sanded at the end of October which precludes its use for pylon.

The other interesting development is in Formula 400.  Joe Luxford has a new Sumptin Else to replace the model he wrote off at Albury in August.  Troy Latto has one of Bruce de Chastelís new Lokis, Matt Pickin has Napier Hestons and Vince Belshaw is finishing a Dago Red.  We are planning on running regular F400 races alongside Q500 in the New Year once we are back at KAMS.


Model ID at the start line.
(click on image for full size)