VMPRA Race Report

Warrnambool, VIC Feb 2008
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 On Saturday we were greeted by very fresh wind straight off the Southern ocean, for mid - summer it was COLD. The flying conditions were not that good due to the gusty wind that caused one casualty in QM (Me!) and a bit of damage to the Q500's.

Mick Kellett had a new QM model and started off OK but a few gremlins forced him to retire early on. Tom Wetherill entered with a very nice looking model from his fairly extensive collection, it was not a QM but we let him fly anyway. I am sure he enjoyed it as always!
Terry won easily with a very consistent performance.

Q500 was run at the same time as QM on the short QM size course. Jason Sagaidak was the eventual winner in front of Alan Swift. It was great to see all these guys come and compete.

Sunday was a much better day for racing with overcast conditions and a light Southerly blowing. As usual there were some very fast FAI models and spectacular racing. Jim Orenshaw finally made the move from F400 and went quite well in his first event. Lethal Lee won with a fast model and good flying ahead of Barry Murphy who wins the award for the most RPM from an MB.... Andrew Davies came in third which was a good effort considering he had a late night before and a 3+ hour drive to get there in the morning.
I won the award for best crash - a slight thumb glitch turned a brand new model into confetti spread all the way down the main straight. Pylon racing can be tough but we all love it !!!!

    Report by Glenn Matthews

Lee accepts his trophy from David Axon
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