World Champs 09

Ballenstedt, Germany

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  Opening ceremony Robbert Van Den Bosch
 with new MB long stroke
Chris & Kevin Callow
New Tuned pipe with muffler      
Team NZ   Tom Wetherill  

Team Managers Reports, Day by Day;


Today and we are 8 hours behind OZ, we had the opening ceremony at 0800. It was blowing a gale but it went off OK.
Then we were supposed to start official practice at 1000 but there was a problem with the clock system, which didn't get fixed til about 1100.
Barry Murphy was the only one of our team to fly, but the others were happy with their setups so left it alone. Still blowing.
In the afternoon, we were supposed to be processed from 1:30 to 1:50 but they were at least 1 hour behind, and they didn't stop for lunch as they were scheduled to. We finally finished about 3 pm!

Later tonight we have a welcoming reception which is costing us 10 Euros each!
We get some food and a drink with that.

Day 1.

It is now late and I have just got back from a pylon sub committee meeting and I'm very tired, been up since 0600.
Anyway, here are today's details. A day of days!

There was a delay in starting as an official was late as he had slept in!
Before the start the managers went out to the start line to sort out some confusion about the starting procedure. We should have started at 0830, but did not start till about 0920.

Barry Murphy was first off for us and had a clear run but a little slow, getting his eye in for a 68.80.
Next Christopher with a clear 60.78. Then Ranjit, as they were about to launch on zero the clock went back to 60 secs! So back to the pits and a re run later.

As the round came to an end, the heavens opened so the CD called lunch.
After lunch, Ranjit was called up and was rushed to refuel and out on the line. In doing so, he did not correctly refuel and ran out on lap 8 so received a 200. The clock also had a hiccup as his light didn't come on after lap 2 by about 3 seconds which threw Adam a little.

Round 2 saw Barry OK with a time of 65.29. Then Christopher with a 59.10. Ranjit again, but again the same clock malfunction, to say he was unhappy is the understatement of the year. So a re run at the end of the round. This time he got the 10 laps in of 59 but caught a cut putting him to 65.98. Round 3 Christopher flew and pulled 3 cuts at No 1, getting a 200. Ranjit next with a 10 lap 60.43, which is more like we expect. Last was Barry with a clean 63.02.

We waited till the end of the day, which finished at 1800, before we got the score sheet individually, but they had dropped a round after 3 so I don't know their positions yet, as I haven't had time to do all the calculations. So I will post them at the end of tomorrow here.

They did not give the team positions, but the French team manager gave them to me at the sub committee meeting. He said Netherlands 1st, USA 2nd and Aus 3rd.

The USA has a very strong team and we will have to be going to catch them. for individual placings. Van der Bosch is 1st at the moment.
The organisation up to now leaves something to be desired, but we'll see how they go tomorrow!

Day 2

2nd day, not too good for us. We got away flying at 0845, late again. The weather during the day was raining on and off all day, with a little sun now and again.

Round 5. Ranjit was first to fly but had a flame out on the 2nd lap so pulled 200. Next was Barry, clear round a 60.77. Then Christopher, clear with 60.33

Round 6. First off Barry with clean round of 63.59, Christopher next 59.59. A lunch break meant Ranjit flew about 2 hours later by the time his heat came up, he again was in trouble and flamed out after 6 laps and the 3rd 200.

Round 6. Barry was first and did his best time in the competition with 59.78, clear. Then Christopher had an engine break in lap 6, so his 2nd 200. This time Ranjit posted a score of 62.08.

Round 7. Barry up first again but had a cut, his raw time was good, but ended with 65.24 Christopher rebuilt an engine but had fuel line come off at the start line so his 3rd 200. Ranjit clear round with 61.03.

We now can drop the 3 200's by the 12th round providing we don't have any more from Christopher or Ranjit.

The results I sent of yesterday's team positions were in error, sorry, we were a lot worse than 3rd.

The organisers are not giving us the individual placings at the end of each round, as they should be doing and it's most frustrating. Also they have asked the French team manager to enter the team placings into his laptop programme as their program is too hard to do it during the day! He is going to put all the scores in by hand tonight and then give it to the organisers tomorrow, most unsatisfactory and it leaves a lot to be desired. If we were nearer the top I would be jumping up and down, I might still go to the jury tomorrow!

The placings are on the web site, here are ours, Barry 6th, Christopher 43, Ranjit 46. This will change a little after the 9th, with no more 200's.
I hope to have better news tomorrow, another 4 rounds.

Day 3

A day of mixed fortunes. It started at 0850, late again.

Round 8
Christopher was up firstly with a clean round of 59.72. Next Ranjit but the clock on the line failed. At the countdown, to zero it went back to 60! Then he is put to the end of the round for a re-fly. Barry was next with another clock failure, the same all day. Ranjit's re-fly he clocked a 60.99.

Barry then went to re-fly and on the line it started bucketing down heavy rain.
They insisted on starting the race and Barry through his glasses cut twice at 3 so 200. He was flying with an American, so myself and the US team manager lodged a protest with the jury, as the CD said no to a re-fly. Eventually the jury dismissed the protest saying it was not a safety issue etc. Also they took 35Euros off us. I protested that the protest was not frivolous and we should get our money back. The jury chairman said it goes to the FAI and that is in the rules. (Kevin Dodd would you please check that rule for me and if possible email back as soon as possible and I will check emails in the morning before we go flying.) Round 9 Rain again stopped us so they called a lunch break and group photo. Barry was up firstly, with a clear 62.20. Christopher next but flamed out on the 7th lap giving him 4 200's. This put him out of contention for a placing and the team are not going to place. Then another drama when the starter pulled Ranjit out of his race, as the board showed 2 cuts. I went to find out where and the organisers said they had another malfunction so he got another re run! This was at the end of round 10, he pulled a 61.49.

Round 10

The wind was very blustery. Barry was away firstly, with a 62.52. Next was Christopher, with one cut at 1, 64.55. Ranjit then clear with 61.82.

Round 11

Barry first with a 64.40. Then Christopher with a clear 58.96. Ranjit again with another clock malfunction! He had to wait again from half way in the round, to the end -about 3/4 hour! Later he pulled a 59.97.

At the end of the day, Barry 9th, Ranjit 36th and Christopher 45. The team placing is 11th. Hopefully it's all on the website I will make a summary at the end of tomorrow, but I'll say now it has not been a good meeting.
Tomorrow we fly the last 2 rounds and we drop another round at 12, so our position should get better, providing we don't have any more 200.

Day 4

This was the 4th and final day, 2 rounds flown. We got underway at 0840.

Round 12. Christopher flew firstly with a 61.89. Then Ranjit with a with 62.38. Then lastly Barry clean with 60.08.

Round 13, the last, Ranjit first away with a clean 60.84. Next Barry, clean again, with 60.52. Christopher last up with a clean 59.70.

The final positions were:- Ranjit 7th with 617.01 Next Barry at 9th with 622.12. Lastly Christopher 42nd with 744.63.

The Champion is Robert van den Bosch from The Netherlands, with 588.27.

Our team place is 8th. USA first.

We had a presentation on the field and tonight we are going to the banquet, where we will receive the FAI flag in preparation for Bundaberg in 2 years.

That's all for now, the full scores should be on the website.