AMPRA 2006
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Part of the line up for        Terry and Kim get             Andrew Davies        Rodney Donahue            Kevin and Chris Callow
 practice on Friday             ready to fire it up                                               Had a HUGE mid-air                 Winners of FAI


 Mick Dalman and                  Tony Howse with       Terry and Kim                 John James, did            Mike Kellet with OD model
   Noel Davern                           OD F400 model            O'Connor                      very well in F400       and his custom trailer behind


Barry Murphy               Bronte and Ryan Zadow               The line up for Q500 and QM                          Ranjit with record
                                          with ex-Phelan FAI                                                                                                     breaking QM (56.06)


Timers are ready...              Bernard McKay              Keith Harvey                   Jim Orenshaw  This           Robin Gray - with VERY
                                                                                                                                 model another  victim.                    old Q500


Glenn Matthews          Gary Davidson and QM                 Ranjits accepts his            ...and Brian second               Saturday Night at
                                                                                                       first place                                                                               the pub