9 - 11 June, Cootamundra NSW

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The Australian Miniature Pylon Racing Association held its annual championship event at the NSW State Field in Cootamundra on 9 to 11 June 2007. The event, which was organized and run by the NSW Pylon Group attracted competitors from VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD and WA. While other parts of NSW were experiencing severe storms and flooding – Cootamundra was having very crisp mornings followed by sunny calm days. There were even a few tubes of sunscreen spotted on Sunday.

Nine rounds of FAI and F400 were flow commencing on Saturday morning and finishing up by mid day on Sunday. Each event was flown over 10 ˝ laps of the FAI course.

FAI attracted 16 entries, including Ranjit Phelan and Barry Murphy who were doing a final tune up and engine break in work before leaving for the World Championships. However, it was in on form Terry O’Conner that posted his first AMPRA FAI win with a score of 445.2. He was followed closely by Frank Casella who finished right behind in second with a score of 446.7. Brian Steele finished in third with a score of 458.48. Ranjit posted the fastest time with a 58.5.

F400 attracted 10 entries, including three from QLD. Joe Luxford traveled from all the way from WA. The cold morning air caught a few out as the engines were hard to get started. When the scores were tallied – it was the QLD group of Bruce De Chastel, Brad Dara and Philip Lack that dominated – taking out the first three places, respectively. Bruce posted the fastest time with a 67.4.

On Sunday afternoon, the course was reconfigured to the short QM course. QM drew only six entries and seven rounds were flown on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

Throughout the event the small QM seemed to planes struggled on take off with calm conditions and wet grass. Terry O’Connor was the last man standing and also took the QM win with a score of 431.2. Brian Steele was next with a score of 543.17 and Jim Orenshaw placed third with a score of 680.3. Terry had the fastest time with a 63.1.

Q500 attracted 13 entries, including a very good contingent from the NSW Pylon Group. Nine rounds were flown on Sunday afternoon and on Monday. The class was won for the second year in a row by Tom Wetherill with a score of 584. Second place was filled by Mark Locock with a score of 617.99 and Jason Sagidak was right behind in third place with a score of 618.6. Tom posted the fastest time with an 80.3.

Our thanks go out to the Jeremy Randle and the NSW Pylon Group for running the annual AMPRA event. Race results are provided with this newsletter and lap times are available on the NSW Pylon website (

The field canteen was kept very busy serving up hot breakfasts and lunch throughout the event. Finding a good evening meal and a hot shower proved to be more of a challenge…

Report by Tom Wetherill.