Camperdown, Victoria

The VMPRA Trophy event was held at Camperdown on the 11th and 12th of February 2006. This is a great site for pylon racing which is set in the middle of a race course.
With some assistance from the Warrnambool club there were plenty of helpers to run the events. The weather on Saturday was overcast with a light Westerly wind which made for very pleasant conditions.
Sunday started with light Northerly winds but by the middle of the day the wind had changed and was gusting at up to 30kt. This required a course change in the middle of day and made for very difficult flying conditions. Due to a few delays through the day and the number of entries we only managed to run 6 rounds of racing.

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Saturday, Quarter Midget and Quickie 500.

As usual QM and Q500 were run in alternate rounds through the day, both flying 10-1/2 laps of the QM course. (Timing and lap counting is done from #1 pylon, the time starts at take off and stops at #1 10-1/2 laps later).

In Q500 there were some good races between Tom Wetherill and Mike Kellett although Mike was not too happy about being lapped at one stage. David Axon came to grief at #1 pylon early on.

In QM Ranjit put in some fast and consistent times to win the event, there was a lot of close racing in the rest of the field.

Sunday, FAI and F400

F400 was better attended than some events recently, unfortunately a mid-air early on between Mark Leigh and Terry O'Connor put both of them out. There were lots of cuts by the rest, Andrew Davies eventually won ahead of Marcus Guss.

FA1 also had quite a good roll up and there were many really exiting races to watch. The results in the end were very close with just 1/10th of a second between Ranjit in first and Barry in second. Actually we should have rigged the results and made them do a fly-off - it would have been great to see! Fastest time went to Barry at 59.9 which is very good for 10 1/2 laps considering the windy conditions.

                            (click for larger images)


Most of the competitors                           Gary Davidson
  who flew on Sunday                            He had an operation recently,
                                                         - you just can't stop some people


            David and Toni                     Vern gets ready for another go
        - always willing to help                 







Report by Glenn Matthews