Coolum, Queensland 28th, 29th Jan 2006

The racing year kicked off in Queensland at Coolum with what is looking to be a promising year of pylon racing in that part of the world.
There was some concern that this was to be the last event at Coolum however they have now been given another 5 years at this site.

They are running the "SID" class which are a basic glass fuse / foam wing model, these have proved very robust and fairly easy to fly.
The kits are locally made and quite cheap, this is a popular beginners event in Queensland.
The class uses sport 46 size engines, there are also "Super SID's" which are a somewhat faster design aircraft.

Once the rain cleared on Saturday they started with the SID class which had 14 entries including 5 newcomers which was great to see.

On Sunday they ran F400 with 9 entries followed by F3D which had 8 entries. After that were 8 people doing battle with their Super SID's.
Overall this was a great weekend, there were a few interstate entries and everyone had a fantastic time.

The Results;

1st   Mick Rankin from Mackay                               Best time 97.1 sec
2nd  Sam Lack from Hervey Bay                             Best time 102.4 sec
3rd  Tyler Mees  from Toowoomba (11 Years old!)     Best time102.2 sec
1st   Bruce deChastel                Best time 71,4 sec 
2nd  Christopher Callow             Best time 77.2 sec
3rd   Greg Gillies                       Best time 79.2 sec


1st   Brendon Podlich                Best time 69.9 sec
2nd  Greg Gillies                       Best time 65.9sec
3rd  Bruce deChastel                 Best time 64 sec


Super SID
1st  Joe Luxford  from Perth        Best time 86.2 sec
2nd  Mick Rankin                       Best time 92.1 sec
3rd  Warren Mees                      Best time 111 sec

        SID's on the start line

Report by Glenn Matthews, info by Kevin Callow