State Championships at Horsham, Victoria

Two days of pylon racing were held on the 12th and 13th of November 2005 at the western Victorian town of Horsham. Although a small country club, they did a fantastic effort in putting on this weekend for us. The site is great for racing and the weather was perfect. The club members were assisted by the local air cadets who performed many of the tasks required to conduct the event. These young guys and gals did a fantastic job. There had been a lot of local media attention and quite a few spectators came out to enjoy the action on the weekend. Although entry numbers were down there was some great racing to be seen.

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Saturday, Quarter Midget and Quickie 500.

There was a very close result with Brian Steele just winning ahead of Mike Kellet. The fastest time went to Ranjit Phelan who had a best time of 60.7 seconds on the ten and one half  lap course. Unfortunately we only had 2 entries in Q500, Tom Wetherill and David Axon. This was mainly due to Q500 being a new event in Victoria. This was David's first attempt at pylon racing for a long while and his model was not exactly fast. He wins the prize for the slowest times for the weekend, at least he had a go!

Sunday, FAI and F400

As often happens, FAI had lots of action and drama. Andrew Davies and Frank Cassella were early casualties after a mid-air, both managed to land but with some damage. There was quite a bit of engine swapping and changing going on - Glenn Matthews used an engine made up of bits borrowed from Brian Steele, then Brian ended up borrowing one from Gary Davidson. Barry Murphy had to resort to a backup and Vern Gibson also had some "problems".......
Ranjit Phelan won just ahead of Lee Hocken but needed a score in his last race to do it. Fastest time around the ten lap course was Barry Murphy with a time of 59.6 seconds.

Andrew Davies won F400 with some good consistent times, at least he had one good event for the weekend!


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         The Sunday fliers at Horsham.               Frank, Barry and Lee.
                                                                     "The Gippsland team"


     Tom Wetherill and Gary Davidson.
     Later in the day Tom tried to modify a tree with this really nice F400 model,
        fortunately all involved survived.   


Report by Glenn Matthews