January Pylon Event at KAMS, WA


Despite the warm weather - it got to 35C before the Doctor came in, we had an excellent day's flying.  Well all except Ian Dixon who strayed into the aptly named Keith "Chopper" Willett, who clipped Ian's S1D on takeoff.  It was a real demonstration of how rugged the S1Ds are.  Despite  a spectacularly wing tip to wing tip cartwheel followed by a triple somersault, there are only a couple of cracks in the fuselage and the tail to repair.

Highlight of the day was the first outing of Mark Giggins and Troy Latto's Viper Q500 ARFs.  Troy lost a wheel off his and had to fly the S1D.  Meanwhile, Mark was doing times around 103 seconds, which is on a par with the best over east.  The scores for the day were:

Mark Giggins    421
Neil Giggins    484
Troy Latto      518
Joe Luxford     537
Keith Willett   562
Ian Dixon       610

Joe and Troy were doing around 127 seconds on their best rounds and Keith and Ian were closing the gap fast with best rounds 131/132 seconds.  Its very encouraging to see the new guys improving so quickly.

And a big thanks is owed again to Glenn Baldwin and Dave Latto for manning the timing cage.  Without them, we wouldn't be racing.

Our next comp is at KAMS on the first Saturday in February on the 4th.

(Report by Joe Luxford)

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