May 6th 2006

The MPRAWA enjoyed a great afternoon’s close racing at the KAMS club which is south of Fremantle.  The morning showers cleared away to a fine afternoon with just enough Fremantle Doctor to slow the slick racers down for easy landings.  Five of the eight entries were Quickie 500 models, comprising four Vipers and a Taipan.  These new generation Quickies were as fast on the day as Tim Kullack’s YS powered Cheetah.

The turnout of eight pilots was our best for the year.  Final scores for the day were:

1.       Tim Kullack           437      with no cuts counted in the score

2.       Joe Luxford           470      with 1 cut counted in the score

3.       Mark Giggins         473      with 2 cuts counted in the score

4.       Neil Giggins           491      with no cuts counted in the score

5.       Vince Belshaw       526      with 2 cuts counted in the score

6.       Troy Latto             526      with 2 cuts counted in the score

7.       Greg McLure        856      with 1 cut counted in the score

8.       Keith Willett          917      with no cuts counted in the score

We ran six heats on the day and dropped the worst heat score for each pilot.  The times in the list are based on the five best heats for each pilot.  When a pilot “cuts” inside a pylon on one of the turns, they incur a 10% penalty, which is equivalent to flying an extra lap.

Keith Willett and Vince Belshaw raced their new Vipers for the first time at this competition.  Both models flew very well.

Tim Kullack set the pace on the day with consistent times in mid to high 80 seconds each heat.  Tim’s flying set the benchmark for the rest with smooth control, consistent height and tight turning without cutting.  Joe Luxford and Mark Giggins were close all day with their Quickie 500 models, with cuts making the difference in the end.

We flew the short course to prepare Joe Luxford and Troy Latto for flying the short course in Quickie 500 at AMPRA in June.  The short course is 320m long compared to 400m around the pylons on the long course.  Tim Kullack’s times in the mid 80s were comparable to the best being ran in NSW and Victoria, which gave the others the standard they have to reach to be competitive at AMPRA in Q500.

Having plenty of officials on the day also helped us to put on one of our best competitions for several years.  As always, Glenn Baldwin and Dave Latto were holding the fort, ably assisted by Garry and Angy Dickens.  It really tightens the flying up when cuts are being counted on number three pylon.

With winter rains fast approaching, our next four competitions will be run at Wanneroo.  If any one is interested in trying pylon racing, there are more Vipers available in the shops.  Give Joe Luxford a call on 0419 517096 if you are interested.

See you at Wanneroo on June 3rd.